Perfection Defined

Perfection Defined


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Financial Domination Call to Action

If  you find yourself fascinated by my world and have an interest in becoming my latest muse, use one of the following to impress me, THEN approach:

Send to

Once received, if it is 100 dollars or more you will receive a personal response and further instructions from yours truly.

I had a profitable morning on Skype Chat.  If you are wondering, my Skype ID is: msfetishminx.  Horny married men emptied their wallets before making their way to work.  I received 150 dollars in amazon gift cards, and 400 financial domination tributes.  All within one hour.  Cash that shall be deposited directly into my femdom bank.  Speaking of which, have you become a member of that organization?  My femdom bank is an exclusive financial institution centered around deposits to increase my forever growing money tree.  You must be a consistent patron, and have an insatiable appetite to serve a strong dominant money mistress.  My superior black queen power, will reign supreme over all inferior males who are eager to serve me wallet in hand.  You will yield at any attempt to resist the control I have over your weak mind and horny penis.

I also have other femdom musings and readings for you to get even more enthralled over:, is a website I use to update postings on sister websites.  Think of it as a venus fly trap for submissive men to get ensnared by dominant black goddess, is centered by the complete reign I have over your finances. It is complete with ways to have immediate access to me such as paid text message sessions and real time sessions for devoted pig nuts.  Alas,, has a few postings on femdom hits, and money I have plucked from the wallets of horny slaves over the years.  You will also find great reads regarding interracial domination and wife led marriages. 

I can be reached at for fetish related inquiry.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Financial Domination BRA Auction Hosted by Rubenesque Femdom Ms. Honey

I am currently auctioning a bra I have worn several times!  Before I ship to the lucky male magnet admirer, I intend to wear it a full day.  My lovely boobs will marinate in my huge bra cups, and be sealed for your worship pleasure before shipping.

Bids start at 100.00!  If they exceed 300.00 dollars, I will include a pair of my worn panties :)  I love doing random, sexy auctions when I've had a great week with your wallets financially.  Consider it my thank you. Wink

However, if you decide to "buy out" everyone, the cost will be a sexy 1,000 dollars for my worn bra.  The most anyone has paid for my worn items is 3,560.00--- married gent from Russia who eventually paid to be released from serving me.  Apparently his wife was concerned about money missing from a particular account. It seems he spent himself into a true financial domination addiction cave.  He spent thousands and poof vanished.

Funny how that happens.

Use this form to submit your request to participate. 

I will update THIS post with winner!